Bashful Hedgehog

The softest, cuddliest hedgehog we've ever met!

Fetch the Dalmation Dog - Large

My name is Fetch the Squish-A-Boo. When it comes to spots, I have a few. My one ear is black, and my eyes are blue. I am soft and sweet and can comfort you. I’ll be your favorite pillow by far, whether on your bed or in the car.

Izzy the Ladybug - Small

Cute and friendly Izzy the red lady bug is ready to fly into your arms for some hugs and snuggles. Izzy's cheerful expression will brighten your day with a happy smile and sparkly green eyes.

July 18
Helping flowers grow is my bigges

Roxie the Pink Fox - 14" Large

Squish-a-boo plush - Roxie the Fox
Fun to squeeze 14" Large size
Colorful soft pink and white fabric
Golden embroidered eyes and lovely lashes

Bamboo the Panda - Small

I’m a black and white Panda with blue in my ears. A Beanie Boo Panda you will treasure for years. My glittery eyes sparkle bright blue, but that’s not why they named me Bamboo. It has nothing to do with the blue on my feet. They named me Bamboo because th

Linus the Brown Lemur - Large

I am Linus the lemur. Come and put your head on me and turn into a dreamer.