Mysterio Baby T-shirt

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Meet Mysterio – the talented "Infant Mentalist" who predicts babies' futures on adorable little baby t-shirts. Using all the supernatural powers at his disposal, Mysterio gives folks an experience they'll remember forever. You couldn't ask for a more unique baby shower gift!

What Will Your Baby Be When He/She Grows Up?

A physician? A skilled actor? Mysterio has already predicted the future of the baby you're thinking about this very second! And it's printed in soft inks on a cute baby tee! There are 12 possible futures. Each future is unisex, party-safe, and completely hilarious. And each future is sealed in a fine muslin bag. Parents need only to cut the bag open to discover their baby's incredible future!

Mysterio's baby t-shirts are made of soft, 100% ribbed jersey cotton. And because it's ribbed, it's stretchy enough to fit babies comfortably from 0 months to 12 months old. The lap shoulder construction makes it a breeze to pull on and off a baby's head, too. Mysterio's baby t-shirts sport the extra-special touch of soft, 100% cotton, red contrast blanket stitching on the sleeves and bottom hem. So cute!

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