Lord Phartwell's Whoopee Cushion

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From the international comedy genius, Lord Phartwell, we present the Deluxe Whoopee Cushion. This embarrassing joke never gets old. A genuine classic toy, the Whoopee Cushion has entertained those with a discerning sense of humor.

As the retro printing on the pink rubber bladder says, “Emily froze. The distressing sound as she sat down could neither be described as pleasant, nor more worryingly, dry”. Instructions: Inflate, Place in chair, Hide and Act Serious to engender mirth at the discomfort of others!

Type: One Rubber Inflatable Noise Cushion - Classic Toy from English Lord Phartwell and the House of Marbles
Category: Pranks and Jokes - Ages 4+ - Adult Supervision Recommended
Size: 10 “ Long (10 x 8 x 2 inches)
Package: 1900's Era Color Gift Packaging - Image of a Proud Lort Phartwell on Device

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