Straws/ Silicone Bent Set with Brush 6"

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BPA FREE SILICONE STRAWS: Pack of 8 assorted colorful big silicone straws - approx 6 inch length / 0.35 inch inner diameter / 0.43 inch outside diameter + 4 brushes,this silicone straws pass by FDA test

REUSABLE SILICONE STRAWS: The silicone straws are made of natural food grade silicone which is safe for children.You can use the silicone straws at home for any drinks.When you go out, you also can take the silicone straws for any scene.Using this silicone straws will bring you more hygienic and more healthy experience.

PERFECT FOR ANY OF DRINKS: Every time you crave smoothie juices or any tasty drinks in your kitchen, just feel free to use our drinking straws. We create these silicone straws for any kind of drinks - easy to use even for your kids - suitable for any kind of tumblers ramblers and easy to clean.Just remember to wash silicone straws carefully using dish soap before the first use. You can use the cleaning brushes and also dishwasher is safe.

WARM TIP: Silicone straws are made of excellent-quality materials(BPA free),Since silicone straws is a new product,if there is any smell,please don't worry,run ice tray through the dishwasher before using,or open the package and place it for 2-3 days.Although this ice cube trays can Heat Resistant Up-To 464F Degrees,But please do not put it on the fire,do not use a knife or sharp object to slip it.

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